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Here's the latest news on the search for Reveiles and the Web site

Descendants of John Winston Reveile Reunion

About 75 or 80 people showed up at the reunion last Sunday. All but ten of whom I had never met before. A handful of people there were cousins of my father and a couple told me they remembered him. It was a great day including beautiful weather, beautiful people, a beautiful house, great food and even some singing. I finally got the correct adapter cable for my camcorder today so I'll be posting pictures and a video as soon as I can.
bill October 27, 2007, at 06:52 PM CST

Reunion Planned

I was just told there is a giant Reveile family reunion planned for this weekend, Sunday October 21st, 2007. Bud Reveile told me it would be at Ray and Andrea Reveile's house in Lockhart. Ray is Bud's oldest son. So We'll be sure to put some information and pictures up here as soon as we can after the big event.
bill October 17, 2007, at 10:12 PM CST


Ok so I had a hard drive failure Friday night and believe it or not, it miraculously wiped big chunks off both my primary drive and my backup drive. I am in the process of sorting out what was left after I recovered all the data I could off both drives and reformatting both of them. I suspect the Internet copy of the family tree file may be the only full copy available so it's a good thing I cleaned it up recently.
bill October 14, 2007, at 05:05 PM CST

OK I finally uploaded the complete massive family file

The Reveile PhpGedView Genealogy Portal now has the entire family file with all merging, correcting and updating complete with 14087 individuals and 31827 events. It goes back to Pbepin Mayor Of The Palace Of Austrasia born in the year 635. Yeah, most of those entries are from the RoyalFam file I mentioned below. The file was larger than the maximum allowable upload size so I had to tweak the Apache settings locally to handle it. If you're a Reveile and want to have password access, just contact us and we'll see if we can get you more than guest privileges.
bill July 04, 2007, at 11:41 AM CST

I heard from another long lost cousin!

I don't know if she wanted to have her name announced so I'll just say she's a young Reveile living in Houston and we were able to fit her into the tree. I didn't have her immediate family connected but she was able to give me enough information that I could connect her and her parents and give her a partial family tree. Yay! In the process of doing that I merged / corrected / updated the big honkin' family tree file so now I have to figure out how to get it uploaded to the PhpGenView portal.
bill July 1, 2007, at 11:46 PM CST

I upgraded the site to the latest beta version of the PmWiki software

It's a time of slow news if I'm announcing a version upgrade of the website engine software. The Christlib site was a little ahead of this one and there are new features with the new version so I'm just synchronizing them. I guess one of these days I should fix up the PhpGedViewer with the latest Royalty / Reveile family data. Stay tuned but don't hold your breath. ;)
bill March 23, 2007, at 01:36 PM CST


I acquired the domain the other day and I'm starting to set it up. Any people who end up here looking for Christlib, you may want to pay a visit. It's not set up very far yet but I hope to create a complete Christian libertarian portal. If you are interested in helping please keep checking back because I want to get other Christian libertarians to participate in the content of the site.
bill March 23, 2007, at 01:36 PM CST

The Line Rider Vectorius video is Now Live

I finished the landing spot on this site for the Line Rider Vectorius Video and uploaded it to Google. Check it out. You can watch the video here embedded from Google Video. It still looks a little messy because I started a new design just for that section.
bill March 08, 2007, at 12:21 AM CST

Did some work on the Games and Politics sections

I planned on having three new sections and I was staging them in the Bill section. They're Politics, Christianity and Christian Libertarianism. Of those three, only the politics section has anything in it yet and it's not very much. I did do some work on the Games section though. I mainly just moved some more of the content over from the old site and then uploaded another batch of screenshots. I'm really just procrastinating about merging and cleaning up the genealogy files again. ;)
bill February 27, 2007, at 03:53 PM CST

We all met Bud and his family

We just got back from visiting with Bud Reveile in Dell Valle. It was great fun. Jesse Reveile, one of Bud's older brothers, was also there and the kids got to meet their counterparts and namesakes. (See the paragraph below about Bud's Motorcycles) Bud and family can see the pictures we took by logging in with the username "bud" and the nickname of their dog as the password. Anybody else has to use the password they already have.
bill February 15, 2007, at 10:41 PM CST


Since we had already established that my kids were officially something like the 875,000th in line for the throne of England, I thought it would be fun for the Reveiles to see how they were related to modern day royalty like Prince William and such. In order to do that I needed a GEDCOM file for the current royal family.

I Googled around for a long time and finally found one that seems half-way complete and has a bunch of other interesting people in it too, mostly other royalty. So I merged a copy of that file with a copy of the ged file and got a new family tree of 12,000 or so people. Theoretically, this family tree contained my kids and also contained Prince William. So I managed to find Prince William in the tree, did you know his last name was MountBatten, and calculated the relationship to all three of my kids.

Prince William A. Mountbatten-Windsor of England is the "half 16th cousin twice removed" of my kids and therefore any other Reveiles in their generation. :) I don't know if I'll be able to import a file that big into the PhpGedViewer or not but It might be fun to try it so other relatives can see how they are related to the royals and to other people in that file like Charlemagne and Eleanor Roosevelt.
bill February 13, 2007, at 03:06 PM CST

Genealogy Portal

I got motivated today and decided to upload the latest GEDCOM file to the genealogy portal?. It's still not complete in many ways but then it never will be so I just have to keep updating it. It has exactly 4161 names in it that generally follow the Genealogy Rules but of course many of those could still be duplicates or bogus entries or something. I have a few more random Reveiles to enter and I still have two very hot leads to follow up but the files are synchronized as of right now.
bill February 11, 2007, at 02:53 PM CST

Buds Motorcycles

I swang by Buds Motorcycles in Austin today and met Bud Reveile of Austin Texas. He seems like a real great guy and we talked for about a half hour. He gave me some of what he knew about the Reveiles in Texas and I am incorporating it into the Reveile Family Tree. I think he and his wife are personally responsible for producing half the known Reveiles since he told me he's got eleven kids. Now here's the weird part. My three daughters are named Rebekah, Elizabeth and Hannah and he also has three daughters named Rebekah, Elizabeth and Hannah, same spelling too. So all three of my daughters have namesakes in Bud's family, first and last name. Weird huh?
bill February 10, 2007, at 05:20 PM CST

I found a whole bunch of people named Reveile

I spent almost the whole weekend going through the GEDCOM file and cleaning it up. I finished going through every single hit in the USGenWeb Archives on the name Reveile and entered all of them in the file. Then I Hit two more search engines that give results for live individuals by name. The size of the GEDCOM file is probably around 4150 people now. I don't really want it to get much bigger though. So now all you Reveiles out there have to contact us and let us know you're alive.
bill February 06, 2007, at 11:59 AM CST

Starting a new section

There is now a Fun section. I'll try to add new stuff to it frequently.
bill February 02, 2007, at 12:38 PM CST

I totally broke the splash page

Well I have learned a little bit about embedding flash in web pages. For one thing, I don't think anyone actually knows how to do it. And for another thing it's not compliant with any kind of standards. Well maybe some standards. I went to The Validator at W3c and tried to validate the sitemap page and the splash page. What a mistake. I ended up having to learn all about Doctypes and the object element and the non existent embed element and still ended up with the page broken because none of the 5 backups I had of the page would work in IE. I'm guessing it was broken a couple of weeks ago and I never noticed it because I never use IE. So the reason I say nobody understands how to embed flash in a page is because apparently there is this handy feature in the Macromedia Flash Program that exports a working, albeit non-standard compliant, sample page with sufficient code in it to display the flash object properly at the click of a button. That way nobody has to know how to do it. That way everybody has to get the sample code from the same place they got the flash object to make sure it works. So I had to scour the web, once again, and find the obscure unknown website from which I leached the flash screen.
bill January 28, 2007, at 01:21 PM CST

Added Google Sitemap

This is completely transparent to you but it will help people find stuff on the site through Google. It's kind of like an index the Google bot can use to find pages that have changed recently. I had to get RSS feeds working first and then add a sitemap action script and a redirect to the site.
bill January 27, 2007, at 12:13 AM CST

Added RSS Feeds to the site - RSS Feeds Page

So now there is a link in the left sidebar under "Section" to get an RSS feed page from the web site. If you click on it and your browser supports RSS feeds, you'll get the RSS feed in your browser of the last 20 pages that have changed in the current group. If your browser does not support RSS feeds, then you can right click on the link in the sidebar and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut and paste the RSS Feed Url into your RSS enabled application. The links in the feed may include password protected pages and you will have to enter the correct password to view them. I'll probably make a link to feed the entire site but this will probably always include a lot of non-content pages as well.
bill January 26, 2007, at 11:17 PM CST

Added the Google Blog Ping service

Ok so how do I know if it's even working. There's a cookbook recipe for this CMS that is supposed to allow the site to automatically ping the Google Blog Search any time a change is made to any page that is not password protected. Ok great, I added it to the site. Now how do I test it. Oh I know, I'll quickly add something to the Home page and see if the Googlebot starts beating down the door. Stand by while I do that. ... Ok done.
bill January 26, 2007, at 09:39 PM CST

Added the Google Search Box

I added a Google search box to the site top menu with a checkbox for searching only this site. I'm studying up on Google stuff and I'll be adding more Google stuff in the near future. I'm even going to put Ad-Sense on some of the pages later on. For now I'm looking at Google Site Map and Google Blog Ping, both of which will improve results on the Google searches.
bill January 23, 2007, at 08:00 PM CST

Made the Table of Contents Intelligent

More intelligent anyway. I made the links for the individuals go to your home page if the user has permission to view your home page and go to your profile if they don't. It was already a pretty smart page. Now if I could just figure out a way to automate that.
bill January 19, 2007, at 09:32 PM CST

Ice storm in Cedar Park

Well it managed to hit most of the state of Texas but I only personally witnessed the part of it that hit Cedar Park. Here are some pictures. I know, don't laugh if your from the North. If you lived in Michigan and a bunch of Texans came up to your state and started driving around on your icy streets, you'd stay indoors too. ;)
bill January 17, 2007, at 11:30 PM CST

Update on the Genealogy Portal

I did a bunch of work on the PhpGedView portal? but it's still not ready yet. I added all the titled ancestors I found and chopped out most of the non-pertinent stuff and I wrote some Genealogy Rules to help know who to include. I haven't quite figured out how to clean up the splices between my tree and the trees I imported so there are some broken families. Most of the problems arise from there being multiple copies of the same person in the file. I think I know how to fix this and it's probably easier to do it on my PC than on the Web portal. So I'm going to leave the genealogy portal? read-only until I get it cleaned up enough to put the master copy online. The one that's there now is a subordinate copy right now.
bill January 16, 2007, at 10:07 PM CST

HomePages vs. Tables of Contents

Well I've decided the site needs to have a real home page with current events on it instead of just going directly to a table of contents. Tables of contents are boring. Ok, so this is the Home Page and this is the table of contents. I know, I know this Home Page is boring too but it's not as boring as the table of contents page is and I'll probably be adding some non-boring stuff to the Home Page from time to time whereas I'll probably never put anything non-boring in the table of contents.
bill January 15, 2007, at 11:10 PM CST

Reveile Ancestors with Titles

So I was looking at the Family Tree? and I was thinking I should trim off some of the non-pertinent people (people whose name doesn't rhyme with Reveile) and do some brief searches to fill in some of the gaps. I managed to find a GEDCOM file on RootsWeb that had quite a few Reveiles in it along with an estimated 20,000 other people. I did some preliminary groping around in this huge file and found some direct ancestors with titles. Some with really good titles. See the Reveile Ancestors with Titles section for more info.
bill January 13, 2007, at 9:49 PM CST


I'm looking into Google Ad Sense to see if I can use them on some of my pages. I want to do a couple of things here that have the potential to generate traffic and if any of them get away from me I don't want to get buried by charges for extra bandwidth. I'm allowed 40 Gig of traffic on what I pay now but just call me an optimist.
bill January 12, 2007, at 10:11 PM CST


I want to put stuff about gaimz on here but the girls tell me they could never get to the old web site from the library at school because the school blocked our site and they blocked it because it mentioned that word. Maybe I'll figure out a way to put stuff about gams on here without using that word. Then again, I could start playing geims that are less violent and don't involve shuting people and blowing things up. Nyah. Oh, I hope the school library doesn't block sites that misspell too many words.
bill January 10, 2007, at 9:22 PM CST

Line Rider

A recent viral toy found on the Internet. It's very addicting and for someone like me, a male with Engineering in my blood, it's naturally entertaining to build the most impressive layout I can with it. Look for my Line Rider thingie here on the site sometime in the future. Maybe I'll just post it on YouTube like everyone else and then link to it from here.
bill January 7, 2007, at 10:22 PM CST


I got the random quote generator working and I think I have a little over 700 quotes in the collection. Let me know if you think any of them are lacking in taste and I'll consider taking them out. On the other hand, let me know if you have any really good quotes that I don't have. The ones in the quote generator are all in big file. You can load that page and use the page search function in your browser to find quotes. Watch out it's a pretty big page. If you change your skin to something other than Triad or Gemini, you will probably lose the quotes.
bill January 5, 2007, at 8:51 PM CST

Diehard and Harry Potter

What do the original Diehard movie and Harry Potter have in common? I was watching the original Diehard the other night. What can I say, I'm a guy, and I heard the voice of Severus Snape coming out of the slimey Diehard villain, Hans Kruger. I looked it up on IMDB and sure enough they are both played by Alan Rickman. The girls got a kick out of that. That voice could not be mistaken.
bill January 4, 2007, at 8:44 PM CST


I've been trying to figure out how I was going to provide genealogical services to people named Reveile so I've been scouring the Internet. We all know how much scouring the Internet needs. So I managed to find an open source, GED file editor, written in PHP, that runs on a web server and doesn't need command line access to install. GED being the extension used for GeDCom files and GeDCom files being the GEnealogical Data COMmunication format. I then proceeded to dredge out my best Reveile Family Tree Maker file converted to a GED and installed it in this app and it seems to run pretty well the way it was intended. It's a pretty cool application?, even if it's not the easiest to operate. It even has a portal page that gives interesting statistics about everyone in your tree and a "This Day in Your Family History".
bill January 3, 2007, at 11:31 AM CST

Riley's Web Site

Well, I finally got the web site set up far enough to put actual content on it so I let Riley create his web site first because he's really into it. Check out his profile and his home page. He also has a little picture gallery. If you want to send feedback I'll be glad to read it to him.
bill January 1, 2007, at 7:41 PM CST

He Descended Into Hell

Sometime in the near future, expect to see my original creation entitled, "He Descended Into Hell" here on the web site. Not many people have heard it yet but it's just one of those projects that I got into fairly deeply and I want to share it here. I have to look into Google Ad Sense first though.
bill December 29, 2006, at 9:17 PM CST

New Phone Story

My PPC 6700 that I got from work started to die the other day and I had to take it to the Sprint Store. The touch screen had a dead spot in the middle and it was getting worse. I was there for a couple of hours and they finally said that since they couldn't fix it and it was not under warranty, they could only swap it out. I thought that was a great idea, even if I had to pay the 55 bucks myself. Then it turned out that they didn't have a refurbished one to give me in exchange and they were going to have to give me a brand new Sprint Pocket PC instead of a refurbished one, but not to worry it would still only be 55 bucks. I'm guessing just the stuff that comes in the box with the phone was worth more than that. A brand new PPC 6700 lists at around 600.00. Thanks Sprint
bill December 27, 2006, at 9:17 PM CST

Traveling Backward in Time

As you may be able to tell, I have been cheating and posting these first few entries for the Home Page backwards. I decided to create the Home Page on Jan. 17, 2007 and put all these entries on it the same night. Self Busted. I then proceeded to fill up the page with the first few entries and manually gave them bogus timestamps. Heh. I did not actually write this paragraph at midnight on Christmas Eve. Me and Rudolph were pretty busy right about then.
bill December 25, 2006, at 12:00 AM CST

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